Hunter believes others should be more responsible

Hunting is a great, centuries old tradition and a way of providing food while teaching self-discipline and responsibility. I am a believer that we need to pass these traditions down and keep them alive.

As the decades pass by, there seems to be more of a passion for the actual kill than the experience of the hunt itself. Deer hunting is the perfect example. If you pick up a gun a few days a year, to trample through the woods and kill every deer there is, that is not hunting. That category would be “deer killing.” There is a huge difference, for those who do not know or refuse to admit.

This leads back to my opening statement. Is this what we really want to be teaching our children and the generations to come? If you are reading this and are truly a “hunter” and not just a “killer,” think about the first statement and the sport’s future before your next “hunt.” Think about passing on the hunting side of it and not teach the future generations that it’s all about how many you can kill.

And as far as bragging rights, if the small bucks are passed on, they will be bigger next year. It’s not rocket science. Then maybe you could have something to actually brag about.

Chris Spung