Monitor your investments

If you have money in an equity or bond fund you are likely financing Chinese concentration camps and weapons systems for their army and ICBMs aimed at U.S. cities and military bases.

China has over 700 companies in our stock and bond markets. The portfolio managers of many of our funds willingly invest your dollars in them with no disclosure to you.

Some of the Chinese companies are on the U.S. Commerce Dept.’s Blacklist and yet as much of 22 percent of your retirement account may be in Chinese securities.

Chinese government also sells bonds and uses the dollars any way they wish.

Two examples of fund managers non-disclosure are:

1. The California State Teachers Retirement system owns 4 million dollars of these bonds and 2. U. of Michigan has 12.2 billion dollars in assets and 14 percent is in Chinese investments. I am sure these investors did not want to help arm China.

While the half-hearted trade war, for which U.S. consumers of Chinese products pay and smaller non-commercial farms suffer, China is surviving, what would really make a difference is for Americans to stop funding China’s aggression.

Do you really want to finance your future by helping an enemy aim missiles at you?

Three things you can do:

1. Insist your advisor, or you, contact the funds you are in and demand to know what is invested in China; 2. Contact over and over your federal representatives (this should not be a partisan issue) and tell them to reverse the TSP’s (the retirement system for all federal employees, including military) decision to invest in China; and 3. Tell these representatives to force the SEC to exclude the militaristic Chinese companies from U.S. markets.

Wall Street will moan and argue their investment opportunities are being limited.

Our markets are about the size of the rest of the world’s combined.

China needs money. Do not allow your investments to go to nefarious characters.

Tom Anderson



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