Exaggerations, misinformation and lies

Welcome to 2020, an election year.

Exaggerations, misstatements and complete lies have already been going on for some time.

One example is that since 2016 Republican candidates have claimed they would defend and keep the pre-existing conditions protections of the Affordable Care Act while they presently have a law suit quietly winding through the excruciatingly slow courts system which, if permitted, will allow insurance companies to eliminate pre-existing conditions from our policies.

The Oval Office tenant has pleaded with the Supreme Court that should the case get that far this year, not to announce a decision before the election.

Another of that party’s politicians’ lies is that Social Security and Medicare are a cause of the federal deficit. This is 100 percent false. These programs are funds to which workers contributed during their years of employment. The federal treasury actually owes the programs billions which Congresses have outright stolen for their pet projects over decades.

These kinds of confusion causing lies create myths such as seniors by their very existence are a drain on society.

A report, “Longevity Economy Outlook” (aarp.org/longevityeconomy) shows that folks 50 and older inject 8.3 trillion dollars into the U.S. economy.

Their spending supports 88.6 million jobs and accounts for 21 trillion dollars in combined taxes. While being 35 percent of the population the over 50 crowd spent 56 cents of every retail dollar spent.

The next time you hear Social Security and Medicare are problems tell someone the truth and let this district’s congress guy know that the honest, ethical and moral thing to do is to pay back what is stolen.

Tom Anderson



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