People of Lowell deserve their own polling place

At our regular Council Meeting Jan. 15, The Lowell Village Council passed a unanimous resolution formally requesting the Washington County Board of Elections to change Lowell’s polling place back to its original place, namely the Lowell Adams Firehouse. The Adams Township Trustees are also requesting the same.

At the November 2019 election the residents of Lowell Village and Adams Township were required to travel to Beverly to cast their vote in that election. The mayor’s office received several calls regarding the voting. Several persons had gone to Lowell Adams Firehouse as they had done for most of their lives, only to find there was nobody there. Several other people called to express their problems with voting in Beverly. Several more simply stated they could not get to Beverly. Adams Township Trustees also received calls in the same vein. Another problem became apparent when voters were given the wrong ballots. Even after stating that fact to poll workers the problem was not resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

First and foremost, the citizens of this county should be able to vote conveniently and with few problems. Sadly, that has not been the case at Lowell-Adams Township since the polling place was moved to Beverly. Beverly-Waterford has approximately 1166 registered voters. Lowell-Adams has approximately 1063 registered voters. On the other hand, we have Lower Salem-Salem Township which has approximately 692 voters registered and they get to vote locally. They had a 42% turnout while Lowell-Adams Township had 29%.

It seems to Council and the Trustees that our percentage would probably rise if we could vote conveniently, but we cannot. For most people on their way home from work, the extra 20 miles’ minimum travel just does not get it. Some folks just do not have the time.

It still comes down to the fact that our right to vote should be made as conveniently and as easy as possible.

The Lowell Village Council, and the people of Lowell, the Adams Township Trustees and the residents formally request that the polling place be moved back to the Lowell Adams Firehouse as soon as possible.

Steven Weber



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