Thanks for support of HSOV They Light Up Our Lives fundraiser

They Light Up Our Lives, a fundraiser for the Humane Society of the Ohio Valley, celebrated its 10th year recently. This year the tree was located in East Muskingum Park, decorated with colored lights representing living pets, white lights representing those pets that have passed away, and pet-themed ornaments.

Those contributing raised over $500 for the shelter. This was matched by an anonymous donor. The shelter was gifted with $1140. Darca and Greg Dickson won two tickets to this year’s Fur Ball.

Thank yous are extended to Marty’s Print Shop, Marietta Office Supply, Aletha’s Florist, American Flags and Poles, HSOV, veterinary offices, several downtown businesses, contributors, and the anonymous donor for their participation in the fundraiser.

Nancy Mendicino, committee