Time for a change in the county; vote Booth

It is time for a change at the County Commissioner post in Washington County. We have all been witness to several of the missteps at the commissioner level. These missteps have cost the citizens of Washington County. We had the court battle over funding for the judge’s offices. I appreciate the desire to save the county money, but this was not the way to take a stand. Although affecting a much smaller segment of our community, the Devola sewer fiasco should be paid attention to by all voters. We have a current commissioner that was for it before he was against it. It seems that maybe that individual may not have the proper backbone to lead our county. These issues cause me to take pause and call for a change. I believe the best person to usher in that needed change is James Booth.

I have known James Booth for several years. I have found him to be a good friend as well as a savvy businessman. He has a good work ethic as well as a genuine caring for people in the community. He has been working on a water problem in Lowell for some time and has been instrumental in bringing that problem to the public at large. I believe that Mr. Booth will take the time to fully understand the issues and understand the repercussions of his votes. James Booth is the change that Washington County needs.

Clarence D. Skinner



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