Current commissioners are doing just fine

I’ve recently read a number of pro and con letters to the editor regarding the contested County Commissioners races. In my view, these races are not so much about the virtues or vices of the incumbents. Both men have served two terms and they are known quantities.

Instead, these races are about the electorate and what type of government we want. I’ve heard people criticize these two men because the are “always fighting.” Isn’t this what we say we want, people who fight for what they believe? Earlier this year they tussled with one of the local judges over his use of a court order to give his people raises. I, for one, am glad they fought that.

These two have ended the practice (with the previous example excepted) within county government of over-appropriation. This has brought wasteful spending under control. Our county now holds the highest possible bond rating as a result. They moved county monies from a traditional savings account at a local bank to a professional investing firm resulting in a ten-fold increase in interest earned. Finally, they merged the departments of JFS and Children’s Services leading to a $438,000 savings to the county.

Again, this race should not be about personality. It should be about results. I encourage voters to support David White and Ron Feathers because they have served the County well. They have given us the transparency in government and responsibility in spending that we can say we want from our politicians.

William (Bill) Gossett

Marietta City Council