James Booth will bring integrity to board of commissioners

I have seen many different articles in the paper concerning the current commissioners running for office, and also the challengers. I have know James Booth for many years. Here is the long and short of it. I have always known him to be honest, fair, and vocal when need be. I feel that if he had not spoken up about the water issue in Lowell (way before he considered running for office), things would have stayed status quo. He is not afraid to not only ask the hard questions, but will tackle whatever comes at him head on.

One of the issues that he will have to take on is the Devola Sewer project. In my opinion, the incumbents have had over seven years to take care of this. With the EPA breathing down the necks of the County, this has went on too long. I feel for the residents as they will bear the burden of the costs that have been placed upon them. Another is the communication between departments. I have observed how he runs his company and employees, the man practices what he preaches.

One thing that you will not see from him is an endorsement. When he decided to run, we discussed this. His response to me was, “The people of this county are hiring me, not anyone else.” He also said to me, “I will be the only person responsible for my actions as an elected official.”

In closing let me say this. It’s time for a change in our county. That is why I’m voting for James Booth for Washington County Commissioner.

Gary Ward