Keep Coil as Prosecutor

I invite you to join my husband and me and vote Nicole Coil, Washington County Prosecutor.

Nicole assumed the office of Prosecutor in June 2019. If you read The Marietta Times and follow the court cases, you will see Nicole has done an amazing job of tackling the backlog of cases which she inherited. The grand jury meets more often than during the previous administration. Apparently court cases don’t always have to take forever to process.

Prosecutor Coil has brought a new sense of professionalism to the office and her employees. I see the young assistant prosecutors downtown and they walk with their head held a little higher these days. I believe this to be a good thing. It tells me these men and women are proud to be in Washington County with a boss who trusts and appreciates the work they are doing.

Nicole T. Coil has been the county prosecutor for only eight months. I believe anyone who is paying attention will agree she is performing well above the public’s expectation.

Let’s vote to keep Nicole Coil as our county prosecutor.

Sylvi Caporale