Marshall happy for the possibility to serve again

I am happy and enthusiastic to again have the chance to serve as Washington County Commissioner. My goal is to be the voice for all citizens, no matter where they live in the county.

I must first say that, like many rural residents, I lack reliable telephone and internet service. I was not represented in a recent Marietta Times article on Commissioner candidates, because I did not receive an important Marietta Times voice mail in time. Residents and businesses need these services for daily communication and for emergencies. I will work with the state and with our elected federal representatives to improve these needed services and to preserve telephone land lines as well.

I am often “blamed” for the sewer issues in the Devola area. During my previous term a county-owned waste water treatment plant failed and sent thousands of gallons of untreated sewerage directly into the Muskingum River. We shut down the plant and removed it, ran a sewer line to Marietta to serve those Devola households that were hooked up to the failed plant. At that time the Ohio EPA also required the sewering of other parts of Devola. Engineering was completed and the County secured grants and zero interest loans to reduce the cost to 440+ residents. The sewer lines were never built.

Now the Ohio EPA is threatening to impose fines unless the Devola Sewer Project is completed. I understand the financial impact on residents. The best way to ease the burden is to again secure grants and zero interest loans. I know the ins and outs of this dilemma. If elected I will work to secure the best possible deal for the county and the affected residents.

In my previous term, I helped establish a County IT Department and County Website and set up a permanent emergency management location. I worked well with all the county officials and with citizens. I know our county. It has been my home for over 60 years. I have always tried to serve people, both as a farmer and with my small real estate business. I learned that the best solutions come from combining team work and experience.

You can depend on me to listen, lead and follow through.

Cora A. Marshall

Lower Salem


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