Schilling for Commissioner

In the last eight months I have attended multiple meetings with an opportunity to talk with Charlie Schilling about why he is running for Washington County Commissioner. In each of those meetings he has voiced his concern about listening to the residents of the entire County and trying to improve the communications countywide. He believes that the commissioner position should work to bring together the citizens of the county as well as other elected officials to work in unison to improve the utilization of resources available to the County.

I find Schilling’s desire to listen with the intent of helping the residents of the County, to fall in line with my own beliefs. As a former Commissioner (Rick Walters 2014-2018) I believe the purpose of the position is to make the County a better place to live and prosper for the residents. With this in mind I plan to support and vote for Charlie Schilling, and would ask you to consider the same.

Rick G. Walters