What a difference a few years makes

In 2012, the citizens of Washington County overwhelmingly supported Mitt Romney to be our president. Marietta was covered with Romney/Ryan signs and our local Republican Party campaigned proudly and effectively for him. The Party boasted of Romney’s core values of integrity, morality, and honesty. Republicans were delighted when he proclaimed his Christian faith as his moral compass. “Personification of Republican principles and values” and “true conservative Republican” were popular catchphrases. Our local tea party held enthusiastic campaign rallies for him and big crowds attended the Paul Ryan rally at Marietta College. I still remember the Romney/Ryan banners flying over our town to celebrate.

Now, eight years later, many Republican Party leaders including Donald Trump Jr. are demanding that Senator Romney be excommunicated from the Republican Party. This situation begs the question: what has changed so drastically over the past few years – Senator Romney or the leadership of the Republican Party?

Jim Rapp



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