A vote for White is a vote for Washington County

I have known David White since I was a young teenager. I have seen him through many stages of life; his and mine. I knew him as a father to my best friend growing up, as a consultant to our teenaged lawn-mowing business, and an encourager for our business ideas. I have known David White as a fellow church member, a business owner, a city councilman, and now as Commissioner.

He is a man of faith and high integrity

David White is a hard worker who starts and finishes the task at hand.

And if you know him, you also know he loves his family, community, and country.

What you may not know about David is his ability to look at situations from many sides, seek advice of those knowledgeable, analyze the problem and make a logical decision. He is not shy about making the tough decisions, even when he knows they may meet with disapproval. He can, and will, explain his decision and thought process to any who ask.

Commissioner White also has a gift with money and budgets. He has given me financial advice many times over the years, never steering me wrong. I know he has the integrity, intelligence and diligent personality to guard and guide our tax dollars wisely. We can rest assured as long as David White has a say, our tax dollars are not being wasted.

These are just a few of the qualities which make David White a great fit for the office of Commissioner. I ask you to join me in giving this man your vote on or before March 17.

A vote for David White is a vote for Washington County.

Nathan Lord



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