Feathers needs to continue his role as commissioner

For whom shall I vote on March 17? This comparison is my opinion based on my access to past results.

Like Ron Feathers, Charlie Schilling is a businessman with relatively good financial success. Charlie is a community asset, involved with the youth and in church. The same can be said for Ron.

Charlie is a new candidate with political aspirations but no current results. Ron has experience governing with impressive results. For example: saving taxpayers over $400,000 per year by combining children’s services and getting residents their share of grants and funding for infrastructure needs.

Ron also facilitated and stayed out of the way of private sector job growth – something that is important to me as a business owner. Now the county is attracting qualified workers from other areas. It appears wages have also increased 20% or more for all blue collar workers since he took office. Ron helped create investor appetite for new buildings, projects, local businesses, etc. I also hear we now have a budget surplus.

Charlie could possibly mirror these types of results, if elected. If so, I will be the first to support him. However, right now we need to keep Ron Feathers in office. One good reason alone is that the Devola sewer project is looming. It’s a massive and complex project, and we’ve got to get that right for the people in Devola. Ron knows the ins and outs of that project and it’s possibly the largest infrastructure project we’ve ever faced. Knowing construction projects myself, eradicating a familiar and more than qualified representative, I would not even consider.

Kelly Lang



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