Health official cautions to take pandemic seriously

There are many facts in the COVID19 nightmare. It is highly contagious. It is deadly. The ability to test people is severely limited. One does not have to travel overseas to be exposed, there are cases in every single state of our union.

The only people at this current time who are able to get tested are those who are showing severe symptoms. There are many, many people who have this disease and do not know it because their symptoms are mild. People with mild symptoms or in fact not even showing symptoms yet, can spread this disease.

We will never know the full extent of this disease because we simply do not have the capacity to test anybody but the most severe cases.

Ignoring the reality of this deadly virus will only lead to more people getting sick, and more of our loved ones dying. Please at this time, think of others. Everyone needs toilet paper, everyone needs food. Our stores will continue to stock these necessities at the regular rate, but if you have 500 rolls of toilet paper in your garage, what about your neighbor?

The biggest fact is that this will be our true test of humanity. In a crisis, are you able to put someone else’s needs before your own? Can you stay home knowing that your mild symptoms might be deadly to someone else’s mother or grandfather?

This pandemic is a global crisis. Stay home if you don’t have to go out. Be considerate of others. Wash your hands. And if you think you could be sick, stay home.

Heather “Sam” Leopold RN LMT

Coroner Assistant

Washington County