If we can’t come together, problems will continue

I recently read a letter to the editor that had me laughing. The author was musing about the turn of events for Mitt Romney. Here is a die-hard Democrat defending Romney. These were the people that told us how bad Romney was.

Romney was a racist, misogynist, robber baron, and a host of other buzz words that are popular with the left. Frankly, the use of these buzz words does nothing but sow division and shut down debate. Virtue signaling is not a valid way to argue.

Now, Romney is some kind of wonderful guy and a hero. Did the qualities that they hated somehow magically dissipate from his being, or are they to be overlooked because he went against the root of their failure? The truth can be found in the relationship between Romney and Trump – they don’t like each other very much. Romney knew that impeachment was a failed political tool and capitalized on the gullibility of the media. It makes for a good storyline, but only for people with short memories. Romney capitalized as only a true politician could do.

Hopefully the high drama is over and our power brokers can move on to making their constituents lives better instead of looking out for their own best interests. I don’t hold out a lot of hope, as division is what keeps us all occupied while the power brokers rob us all blind.

Do you really think the likes of Bernie Sanders or Orrin Hatch became millionaires from being in public service almost their entire lives? I would love to see “We the people” come together. Until we can come together and have intelligent discussions about problems we have as a nation, we will continue down the path we have been on for generations.

Jay Owens



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