Keep White and Feathers as commissioners

I would like to encourage the voters of Washington County to support Ron Feathers and David White for County Commissioners in the March 17 primary election.

Ron and David have done an excellent job during their time in office and have gone above and beyond the call of duty, working tirelessly for the residents of this county. They have served us well in all areas of their office, and exceptionally well with the Devola and Oak Grove sewer controversy.

Being a resident of Devola, this has been an issue that is very important to me as well as to many other residents in the area. I count myself among those who are disappointed, frustrated, and angry that we are being forced to accept a financial hardship and mandate from the Ohio EPA for something that is not needed and will not solve anything, because the problem is not due to our septic systems in the first place. I believe that the Ohio EPA is fully aware of this fact, but could not care any less as they have created a false crisis, narrative, and agenda that they are determined to force through to completion regardless of who gets hurt or financially burdened in the process. I think the best thing that we can do at this point is to keep Ron and David in office and allow them to continue working on our behalf to get the best possible and least painful arrangement that they can with the State of Ohio.

Ron and David have been out on the front lines fighting tooth and nail for us, and for several years now have been able to hold off this expensive and unneeded invasion of our private property. However, they have exhausted all of their options, and we are now under a court order to sewer Devola and Oak Grove. Sadly in many ways, we have become a nation that is governed by activist judges and unelected bloated bureaucratic agencies.

I believe that it would be foolish and illogical to “change horses in midstream” and start all over with new commissioners during this period of transition when Ron and David are already up to speed and familiar with the entire situation. They have been involved in this matter from the start. While I am certain that the indiviuals running against Ron and David are good men with good intentions, it would be a huge mistake to put someone new in charge of this situation at such a crucial time of negotiating and implementing the sewer project.

Ron and David have served the residents of Washington County with honor and integrity, and they deserve the time needed to finish the work they have started. With that in mind, I would also urge the voters of this county to show up at the November election, and ensure that Ron and David are reelected to their offices. I feel that it is crucial for us to deny any former commissioners the opportunity to serve again; who played a role in getting us into this mess and unneeded situation in the first place by their poor decision to help bail the City of Marietta out of a tight spot they found themselves in as a result of their own poor decision making and incompetence.

We need to stay the course with Ron, David and Kevin.

Jack Chamberlain



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