No time to suffer from poor broadband

During this critical time, it is imperative that every American have broadband capability to benefit from all of the news sources one must use to get the complete story on the health disaster we are all suffering from.

We supposedly have broadband but satellite broadband is a poor excuse for the real thing. Waiting for a minute or two for a simple email attachment to download is not broadband in any real sense of the word. Streaming music or TV Shows (let alone movies) is impossible so as one quarantines at home, some of the creature comforts that would make the task a little easier are not available to all.

As a result, I end up sucking up all of my data usage on my smart phone by using it as a hotspot (not ideal and very expensive).

While I clearly recognize that health issues are front and center now, being able to get all of the news (in addition to TV) that is available to us can actually help save lives.

Local and state governments can play a major role in this. Please help!

Larry Clayman