Re-elect David White

We would like to take a minute of your time to talk about Commissioner David White and why we support his re-election.

We have known David and his family for over 25 years. We have known him as a friend, an employer, a fellow board member, and fellow church member.

From the minute you meet David White you are struck with his ability to assess a situation and think clearly. He is a problem solver.

His ability with finances has always amazed us. We watched his family, especially while raising their sons, manage their personal budget with grace. In a world where two incomes is a “must” David worked hard to see that his family was well cared for allowing his wife to remain a full-time mother and homemaker. We have no doubts about the county’s finances with David White at the budget table.

Commissioner White is also available to all citizens of Washington County. We have witnessed his willingness to take time and explain a situation or decision. He is thoughtful and careful not to insult those seeking answers. When the decision isn’t a popular one, David will still patiently explain his “how and why” to anyone who asks.

We do not know David’s challenger, he may be a fine man, but David White has the proven record. He is a man of his word. He works full time as your commissioner. He is a man with faith, honor, intelligence, and extreme work ethic. We do not believe the county can go wrong with a vote for David White.

Join us in the republican primary and vote David White County Commissioner.

Dan and Candie Parsons



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