Vote for David White

I am voting to reelect David White for Washington County Commissioner. David does a great job of representing Washington County at local, regional and state meetings. He is very dedicated to attending new business openings and other meetings involved in economic development within Washington County.

You should not be shocked to observe David attending meetings all over the County representing the commissioner’s office, even in years when he is not campaigning. I had the pleasure of serving on the Investment Committee with David when the decision was made to hire Meeder Investments to oversee the 22 million dollar revolving money account. This resulted in a nonrisk revenue increase of $286,000 annually for the County. David White is also actively involved with CORSA (The Insurance of County Property), CEBCO (The group Health Insurance for County employees), multiple Collective Bargaining agreements and the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation group rating division.

It is absolutely vital to have someone with David’s historic institutional knowledge of the County to help with day to day operations. Serving as a County Commissioner takes a great deal of time to learn the vast areas of knowledge that are required to execute the position correctly.

I believe that David White has dedicated the time to learn the knowledge that it takes to do an excellent job as your County Commissioner. I would ask that you join me in reelecting David White for Washington County Commissioner.

Rick Walters

Former Washington County



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