A tip from a reader on making potable water

Hydration is the most important element next to oxygen to our survival. In today’s world we are confronted with all kinds of problems. A person might find himself without water. Having lived in the middle of Word War II there were times when it was necessary to find potable water among the chaos.

Most Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts have been taught how to make drinking water from streams. Most of us are familiar with admonishment of water departments issuing a water boil advisory.

Hopefully none of us will be in a situation where we have to find drinking water; however, here are directions:

¯ Get water from a stream, as clean as is possible, and put it into a metal container.

¯ Find a heat source or build a fire.

¯ Place the water-filled container on the stove or fire; if you have a lid, cover and bring to a full boil.

¯ Boil for a few minutes.

¯ Allow to cool for 30 minutes then drink it or use it in any way you wish.

Val Hoover



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