County Home doesn’t need a storage site on property

The Washington County Home sits on a hilltop halfway between State Route 7 and State Route 26 on County House Lane, just East of the City of Marietta.

The County owns 270 acres; 70 on the West side of County House Lane and 200 acres on the East side of County House Lane.

Behind the Home, on the far left, is a small wooded area. Directly behind the County Home is a pond stocked with bass and bluegill. The rest of the view behind the Home is rolling hills with fields planted with corn and hay.

In the front of the County Home there is an open-air porch with screened-in porches measuring 15 by 40 feet on either side. Straight out from the center of the Home there are four porch swings hung from a large maple tree. In addition, there are seven two-person benches in the front yard.

On the right side of the front yard there is a picnic shelter. On the left side of the front yard there are 14 apple trees along the driveway.

On the far side of the road, in front of the Home, there are two large barns that are used to store our farm equipment. Straight across from the County Home is a four-acre field where the first County Home was built in 1843.

This four-acre field, just across the road from the County Home, is now going to be given to the County Engineer for a storage site.

After 177 years this field will be filled with piles of sand, gravel, cinders, rocks, culvert pipe and other materials used by the County Engineer.

At the present time the County home is home to 54 residents. Most of them are elderly and in need of care and assistance, but do not need nursing home care.

This is our County Home, our 270 acres. It does not belong to the County Commissioners. This is a County facility that has been around for a long time and supported by the residents of Washington County.

I do not believe it serves us well to have a county storage facility directly across the road from a long-term residential care building that is home to our senior citizens.

I have a better plan for our three Commissioners – let’s put this storage site across the road from the front of your house.

Ted Williams



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