Domestic violence, mental health and the coronavirus

By now almost every living soul is aware of the coronavirus COVID-19, though behind this virus have you had time to think about the effects? I am not referring to the physical effects, but to the impact this virus has on your mental health and physical well-being.

As a Service Coordinator at EVE Inc., I’m constantly thinking about our shelter, our residents and our community when it comes to domestic violence. Over the past few weeks, I have read several articles about the rise of domestic violence due to the stay-at-home order. These articles are very informative yet leave out why domestic violence is occurring more frequently. Families are afraid, afraid of what could be coming, afraid of the unknown. With fear other emotions arise: anger, sadness, regret and rage. These emotions must have an outlet, a way to escape so to speak. Many individuals in an abusive relationship escape the abuse at school or work, or when the abuser is able to leave. Now there is no escape. Emotions boil over and the abuse becomes worse. Feelings of being alone, suffering in silence, the victim could then have thoughts of suicide, being helpless, lost and forgotten. EVE Inc. knows firsthand how bad it can be; how utterly hopeless individuals can feel. We are still here to help.

Our shelter and services are considered essential under the “stay-at-home” orders. Our hotline is always open, and our wonderful, caring advocates are here to listen and help anyone. You can find more information about EVE on our website eveshelter.com or our Facebook page EVE Incorporated.

Tina Vincent



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