A Light in the Darkness

As the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus hit the United States millions struggled to meet the challenges a need to isolate themselves presented. The dark night of despair and hopelessness seemed destined to overtake each and every person, even if the illness itself had not personally done so. Where and when would the light of dawn begin to glimmer?

In Marietta, as in so many places, individuals and groups rose to the challenge to continue the work of service. As has been documented, healthcare workers, grocery store clerks, truck drivers and teachers stretched their resolve and imagination to do what Americans do best, “take care of one another.” The local community meals were no exception.

For the past six weeks, the First Congregational Church has been the site, but not the whole story for service of 150 free take-out meals twice a week to local residents. With no criteria to be met, only the need for a meal and a smile of encouragement, safely hidden behind a face covering; over 1500 meals have been served. While listing all who contributed with monetary donations, time, cooking and organizing skills would be too lengthy, each of them have experienced the true satisfaction of being the “Light Shining in the Darkness.” To each and every one of them a heartfelt God Bless You and “thanks” from a grateful community.

Teresa Porter



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