Not all current leadership is necessarily good

On Tuesday, April 28, there was a letter from a reader of The Marietta Times titled “Difficult times call for great leadership.” I agree. The writer said they felt Gov. DeWine had done a great job, and I agree. But then the writer thought the president also has done a great job. That, I don’t agree with. The writer said they thought the press had over-criticized the president for his handling of the crisis. Well I don’t think so.

And, the letter said the things the press has said have divided the country. Well, I think the president has accomplished that quite well by himself. I have read history and have seen examples of great leadership. I have seen examples during my lifetime, and this is not one of those times.

This president has done little more than self-aggrandize and deny any responsibility for anything that has gone on in this crisis. He wants to blame everyone else for everything and is politicizing everything — blaming his potential opponents in the coming election for not being prepared properly for this crisis.

We should listen to the medical experts and stay as safe as we can.

Don Tallman



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