Random thoughts

Throughout these uncertain times of quarantine as we social distance, even though we cannot touch each other’s hands our heats will remain together. We mourn each precious life lost to the pandemic, and at the same time we are grateful for our technology (in as much at times it is both frustrating and bewildering) for it affords us so much in keeping us informed, fed and entertained through our ordeal. Because of technology our earthly journey through this dark time has been enhanced. Connection and much needed employment have been achieved through technology. Be it a humble phone or radio, trucks, ships and even planes that furnish us necessities at the point of need as well as sophisticated computers.

The great human heart working hand in hand with technology has saved many lives at this time from COVID-19. In America we are most fortunate and thankful to God for our great people who have stepped up to help to the best of each one’s ability. Each has contributed without consideration of the magnitude of task and did what was needed to be done. These are our heroes from President Trump and all caring state leaders who have consulted with those in medical fields, business, and other knowledgeable people to ordinary citizens. They have listened, relayed information to the nation with hope and encouragement to all.

No! All has not been smooth sailing, conflict of opinions is human nature, and however, we need to overcome jealousy and pettiness of super-ego. We need to stand ready to act in the best interest of unity without regard to the magnitude of the task that needs to be done.

The misfortune that has visited the world at large has taught us how fragile life is, but also how important small things in life are. Even when our smiles are covered by a mask as we are social distancing, we have learned how to smile with our eyes. Yes we can keep our distance yet at the same time have our hearts together fuse with love for one another.

We will emerge as perhaps wiser and more and more resourceful human beings whose new goal perchance will be to appreciate what we have. A happy life is a humble life with compassion and caring about one another. Let us go forward as a grateful nation in a grateful world for what we have and are able to share.

Val Hoover



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