Wearing masks is important for safety of all

Governor DeWine and Health Director Dr. Amy Acton have been doing an astounding job helping Ohioans deal with the coronavirus. The Governor recognized the seriousness of the pandemic coming to Ohio and began asking Ohioans to stay at home, social distance, not meet in large groups, wash hands, and disinfect often. The citizens of Ohio followed these policies and helped flatten the Covid-19 curve and saved lives. As health officials began learning that the virus is spread by droplets coming from the mouth when we talk, cough, and sneeze, they realized that the wearing of masks could be a very important tool in stopping the spread of coronavirus.

Reading the front-page article of The Marietta Times on Wednesday, May 13 about retail businesses opening, I was glad to see merchants were encouraging the use of masks. Wearing a mask has nothing to do with politics, but everything to do with showing you care about the health of your family, friends and community. You may survive Covid-19, but you might carry it to someone else who would not survive and that is a problem. I encourage all people to wear masks when they go out. Wearing a mask shows you want to help our community and stop the spread of this deadly virus. We are all in this together. Please wear a mask.

Betsy Cook



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