Mighty proud to be there

I want to thank the Marietta Times for its excellent coverage of the rally on Sunday. We are riding a powerful wave that is taking us to a better world, one where the color of one’s skin doesn’t exclude them from being a respected, fully participating member of their society.

It was an honor to be there, and I was especially proud to see so many white people, of which I was one. There were a few detractors, but they were not allowed to interfere with the bright joy of the day. We stood in solidarity; one family, one dream: that a day is coming, and not too far into the future, when we will all live together in true equality, all for one, and one for all. And standing there, I made a promise to myself, and to the world, to do everything in my power to make that happen.

It was a beautiful day, an extraordinary day, that showed us the miracle that can happen when white Americans open up their minds and hearts to the reality of what it means to grow up black in America. I was mighty proud to be there.

Regina Carpenter

Little Hocking


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