Often attitudes are caught

As children grow, their outlook on the world is thought as well as caught. Whether by parent teacher or someone else it becomes as part of their attitude. Attitude can be taught as well as copied. What children see, they imitate. Oh yes, often the present culture as portrayed in movies is acted out. One must admit that movies seeking shock value have become extremely violent and bizarre. People used to go to the movies to be entertained and perhaps educated. In today’s world many of the movies strive to scare and disorient the viewer. They call it shock value. Or is it?

It is not fair to blame one entity as a villain. The responsibility lies on the shoulders of many aspects of modern culture. It starts with parents who are first teachers. Next is what is seen as acceptable behavior, which if challenged is met with cliches, such as one is being diminished or many other outlandish statements. Often corrections are not given with positive desired outcome.

In as much as in our world today we do not need more distress, but a calmer and fairer attitude.

One incident comes to mind: As I was rushing into a big box store to pick up some items, I noticed a pair of 9-year-olds kicking a metal oil can across the parking lot. I paused and addressed the youth.

“Boys, I realize that you did not throw the can on the ground in order to kick it across the parking lot, some irresponsible adult threw it down after placing oil into his car; however, if you were to inadvertently to kick it under a tire of someone backing out of the parking spot and their tire were to burst, and you would be in big trouble.”

“You see that trash can near the door? It would be nice if you were to place that can into the trash can and find something else to do.”

Some 20 minutes later as I was leaving the store with my purchases as proceeded to my car I saw the two boys picking up various discarded items such as empty cups, paper and plastic bags, etc. I walked up to the boys and said: “I did not mean for you boys to pick up the whole parking lot.”

Their quick reply was, “We did not have anything to do.”

I said, “Well thank you for making our town neater, but make sure you wash your hands and have a lovely day.”

It was a pleasure to meet up with such nice boys. Yes, imitation is the highest compliment.

Val Hoover



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