Our hearts are broken

Our hearts are broken. The country that we love is being bullied and disrespected by the person charged with protecting us. The shameful display of arrogance and selfishness by the man who occupies the oval office is beyond anything this country has ever seen. His name will not appear in this letter because he has no right to be commemorated in any way.

Standing in front of a church in the nation’s capital, holding a Christian Bible; after having ordered peaceful protestors to be gassed, punched and run down by mounted police is but the latest and most grievous example of why change is needed in the White House and beyond.

George Floyd did not deserve to die on a Minneapolis street regardless of what he might have done. George Floyd was denied the basic guarantee of the United States Constitution, the right to fair treatment under the law. This week the president did the same to the entire country by denying peaceful protests to stage a political photo op for himself.

The occupant of the Oval Office denied the peaceful protestors in Washington D.C. the right to assemble lawfully; without violence ,to express their belief and hope in a country that badly needs to be changed. Contrary to his expectations, the result has been even more resolve on the part of moral people throughout this country to remove the most immoral president in our history. His disapproval rating has skyrocketed.

We will remove him from office. We the people will exercise the most fundamental of rights in a democracy, the power of the ballot box. Voters, pay attention as the election approaches. The events of this week have shown that this president will stop at nothing to remain in power.

Protect your right to vote. Call the local Board of Elections today and make sure that you are registered and if you are registered that your address is current. Ohio, like many states has been purging voter registration rolls in preparation for the November 2020 election. Don’t take for granted that you will be allowed to vote just because you have before. Demand that others be afforded their right to vote as well.

George Floyd’s family will lay him to rest this weekend. The protest against systemic racism has once again found a standard bearer and the anger has united the nation in a way that no president can permanently suppress. The election of 2016 has to be the last time that we as a country allow the kind of blatant racism that has been the trademark of this White House to gain control of our government.

Our hearts are broken but our Spirit is strong. God bless the protestors for reminding us that “We the people” still have a say in this democracy. None of us are safe, unless all of us are safe.

Teresa R. Porter



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