Return to values of yesteryear

Looking at Star Parker Viewpoint on Thursday, June 11 and Viewpoint of Diane Diamond of June 16, in The Marietta Times, it reminds me that there is a lot of hope in humanity. Both of the syndicated writers are knowledgeable and have done a great deal of research before expressing their opinion. Both Dr. Shelby Steel of Hoover Institute and young Senator Tim Scott of North Carolina strongly support the two young women’s statements on racism.

Has a narcissistic power grab seduced our common sense? Is a moment of attention on TV worth suffering of many? In our world today it seems many strive to be noticed for sporting outlandish attire, using vulgar language, or engaging in destructive activity. It is alright to speak out without violence and destruction. Many do so.

The values of yesteryear are fading farther and farther away. The “Golden Rule” has been forsaken or worse doesn’t seem to be discerned by many. Respect seems to be abandoned. As I have often told my students, respect has to start with having respect for oneself. Respect your body by not doing anything to yourself that will harm you now or in the future. Do not pollute your body with drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, chew tobacco or use any other destructive substance or slanderous or lewd language. This is the best recipe for becoming a good citizen not only of the USA, but of the world. Once you have self-respect it is easy to become respectful of others.

Val Hoover



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