Count the silver when Trump leaves

The recent action by Mr. Trump to reward his long-time friend and co-conspirator, Roger Stone is yet another indication of what the country has to look forward to over the next five months.

Trump is already beginning to “hear footsteps” and knows that the voters are coming after him in November. On his way out, the most self-serving president in American history will no doubt make it all worth his while. Beginning with the nomination of William Barr as HIS attorney general, not ours; Trump has set about to ensure that he provides himself not only a “golden parachute” but a “get out of jail free” card, too.

Mr. Barr has just completed his plan to place Trump puppets in the role of Federal Prosecutors in first the DC district and now both districts in New York City. The objective is plainly to ensure that Trump will avoid any real consequences from alleged tax fraud, campaign finance violations and self-dealing connected to his businesses. Beyond that, however, is the very real prospect that Barr will encourage the investigation and charging of Trump’s political adversaries, including Joe Biden. As a last ditch effort to sway the electorate, voters can look for this to be rolled out as Trump’s “October Surprise.”

Voters need to remain vigilant and informed about the activity of the Department of Justice in both Washington and New York. The careful manipulation of the rule of law to serve this president is part of Barr’s view of the presidency and the exact reason why he has his position. In addition to watching the way the election itself is managed, voters need to reject the likely last minute attempts to cast doubt on the Obama Administration, Robert Mueller ‘s Russia investigation and on Joe Biden as well. The Ukraine scheme to discredit Biden failed to work but the same objectives remain in play.

American voters are not stupid. They may be slow to move and often give a new president the benefit of the doubt for a while. The problem for Trump is that the coronavirus placed the incompetency of this president and his minions on full display to not only Americans but the entire world. While European countries were able to flatten the curve of infection with strong leadership at the national level, the virus in the United States was left unfettered once it moved beyond the Northeastern states. Governors, in largely Republican states followed the “nothing to see here” attitude of the president and did little to ensure the safety of their residents. The result is daily growth of infections approaching 100,000 with no end in sight.

So what is this president doing the last five months of his presidency, he could be trying to finally take action to help schools open safely, or provide needed medical supplies to hospitals in states hit hard by the virus but he can’t be bothered. No, Trump is busy making sure that he has a soft landing when voters boot him out of office in November. The one bright spot in this Shakespearean tragedy is that despite Trump’s efforts to corrupt and undermine the rule of law in America, the Law is bigger than any one individual. The Supreme Court reaffirmed this basic concept on which the United States was founded, “we have no kings”. Even the two Trump-appointed justices on the Court agreed with the majority in requiring that Trump answer the subpoena from the New York prosecutor, Cyrus Vance.

So take what you can , Mr. Trump, time is on the side of Justice and the public has a long memory for liars and cheaters.

Teresa Porter



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