Just wear the mask!

President Trump continues to brag about the great job he is doing in fighting the coronavirus. And Mr. Trump seems to be more interested in his reelection than the fact that over 130,000 Americans have died from Covid-19. Governor Cuomo of New York showed real leadership as he told New Yorkers what to do to stay safe and to bring the infection rate down – stay home, wash your hands, wear a face mask and social distance if you have to go out. And it worked. But with no national leadership and with businesses opening too soon across the country, it looks like COVID-19 is now completely out of control while the economy continues to spiral downward.

Not only does President Trump not seem to care about how many people contract this virus and die, but he is trying to get rid of The Affordable Care Act – the health insurance that millions will lose if he is successful in his efforts. He keeps saying that he will replace the ACA with something better but it is all a lie. The Republicans have no health-care plan and they never did. The ACA is not perfect but when so many people lost their jobs because of this pandemic, they also lost their health insurance and they are now depending on the ACA. When Joe Biden becomes president, he will restore the ACA and strengthen it.

Before cell phones and before law enforcement had cameras, people of color had complained for years about ill treatment (and worse) by police but nothing was ever done about it. But the murder of George Floyd played on TV over and over again focused our attention on the every-day plight of our black and brown friends. The House of Representatives has come up with a bill that would go a long way to remedy the situation but President Trump and the Republicans would rather “study” it some more. So for now, it is up to the people to demand and local governments to fix the inequities that continue to grow in our minority communities.

The Republicans were in favor of voting by mail before they were against it. President Trump votes by mail. The states and the post office need millions of dollars to make sure those registered voters that want to vote by mail are allowed to do so and that the post office can handle it. Our democracy is weakened when states make it hard if not impossible for their citizens to vote and congress is going to have to step in again to make sure it happens. I can still hear my mother talk about women finally being able to vote 100 years ago. You would think we would have it figured out by this time.

President Trump has an ad on television telling us to get our news from Newsmax instead of the main-street media. Mr. Trump seems to have a problem with the truth so I don’t think it would be prudent to take his advice on where to get the news. I likewise want nothing to do with Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook and advertisers are starting to pull their ads not wanting to appear beside all the hate speech and misinformation that Zuckerberg has refused to do anything about. Social media should be responsible for what appears on their sites just like newspapers and other news media.

It is time to hold President Trump accountable for what he is saying and doing. Other countries are back in business but the coronavirus is out of control in the U.S. while our president still says the coronavirus is going to just “disappear.” He does not tell the truth, does not listen to his own scientists and advisors and our country continues to suffer because of it. It is time for Democrats and Republicans to work together to do what needs to be done because we cannot wait for leadership from Mr. Trump. And we can all help by staying home, washing our hands, wearing a face mask and keeping a social distance if we have to go out.

Carol Lazear Mitchell



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