Law and order equals happiness

It feels as if one were awakened from deep sleep, as was the case with Rip Van Winkle. Has there been a seismic shift in public attitude? Every place one looks, there are challenges to life. We are most fortunate to be living in a country that values an individual. We decide our fate by following the rules of God, nature and government (of which we are a part). Our decisions reign, because we know our wants and needs.

It is a sad state of affairs when a person calls a water utility to question an increase of the bill and is told that everyone’s bill has increased. So be it. Further, the question is asked whether there is any remedy for senior citizens who use less than one third of water allotted.

A condescending reply is “Why don’t you just take a number of bubble baths until you reach the maximum of water usage!” The protest is “That would be wasteful as it would incur wear and tear on individual’s pipes/septic system as well as that of the city’s. Staying calm, “In addition it is more prudent not to ‘waste not; want not.’” Next came: “If you need help for paying your bill why don’t you contact an agency who can help you with your bill. How tragic that we capitulate to an easy way out instead of trying to solve the problem.

So it is with Law and Order. We tend to play blame game. It is easy to understand why Law and Order is important. If we abide by rules, as many of rules (laws) are created by us and for our benefit.

Simple and easily understood is a humble traffic light. There will be consequences if we are to disregard a traffic light. As a pedestrian we stand a chance of injury and even death. If we are driving a crash becomes imminent. Thus disobedience of the traffic light has consequences. Maybe we have lost recognition of cause and effect. It is easy to stay dry when it is raining, if you wear a raincoat, use an umbrella or find shelter.

When we subscribe to law and order, it protects us from misfortune and makes our lives and lives of all peoples pleasant. Therefore Law and Order equals HAPPINESS.

Val Hoover



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