Sick of broken promises

I am sick of big city politicians and governors who fail to protect their people and then call on the rest of us to fix their local problems. These out-of-control states dug themselves into their financial holes; they need to dig themselves out.

I am proud of our president: immense energy, genuine connection to regular people, strong intellect, sense of humor, fighting spirit, and patriotism. I may not always agree with what he has to say, but I truly respect that he has found a way to keep so many of the promises he made to us, despite the many roadblocks and dirty tricks thrown in his way.

He has steadily improved the lot of ALL Americans, not just a certain group. Let us respond in kind; be Americans first, caring for each other and working together regardless of race or social status.

“…the story of America unites us, inspires us, includes us all, and makes everyone free.” (President Trump, July 3, 2020)

Charlie Schilling



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