Stonewalling and delay continue

We have seen Democrat senators walk away – refuse to even discuss – a sincere proposal by Senator Tim Scott (GA) to fix problems that have led to police brutality. Why would they not be willing to fix specific problems that could be costing lives, both black and white? But, have we not also seen a speech ripped up, impeachment proceedings dragged out ad nauseum, preposterous accusations of Russian collusion claimed for three years, infrastructure blocked, and on and on? Could it be that power and votes are more important than working toward improvements that all agree need fixed?

Voting for a party that is willing to watch the country burn – while actively participating in the burning – is morally wrong. Rahm Emmanuelle is famous for saying “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” That is where we find ourselves today – the Democratic Party is following his advice. When it comes time to vote, remember what happened this summer and join me in voting Republican, a party that stands for making real improvements in the lives of ALL Americans.

James S. Vuksic



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