A good neighbor

This is in response to a May 19 letter titled, “Communities, not coal, should be focus of COVID-19 relief”.

In 1976, Salem Township decided to build a new firehouse building for their newly established fire department. B & N Coal volunteered labor and equipment to ready the grounds for construction, and they have furnished the grounds for two very nice ballfields that have been used for ball tournaments by adults to raise monies for the fire department and emergency squad and by children from t-ball through little league.

Every year B & N Coal, along with their subsidiary Sharon Stone, support the youth of Washington County by purchasing animals owned by 4-H and FFA Youth.

In the process of mining for coal, they remove the top soil, save it and later replace over the area mined; after they have reclaimed the land, the soil is then seeded with grasses allowing cattle to graze on good feed where previously nothing was growing except brush for the most part.

The company has built many ponds, which help to control erosion as well as helping to reduce flooding, and they provide many well-paying jobs for our county citizens.

So far as Washington County, Ohio and Salem Township, B & N Coal has been an excellent neighbor and an asset to the community.

Bill Kidd

Lower Salem


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