Don’t vote for socialism

I’m old, so I may not be around to suffer the full impact of a Democrat takeover of the White House in 2021. However, I do worry for my daughter and her family.

If you haven’t studied the Venezuelan fall from capitalist abundance to socialist privation, you’d better do so before voting in November. The once prosperous nation has been brought to its knees by socialist “leaders” who have bled the country dry.

Did the democratic socialist so-called leaders suffer the same fate as their underlings? Not a chance! They now have numerous sumptuous homes and all the other trappings of the ruling class.

So when you and your loved ones find yourselves looking back longingly to a time of capitalistic plenty, you can rest assured that Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, AOC, et al, will not be pining with you. (No mention of Joe Biden because he, like me, is beside the point.)

Glenna Clutter



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