Election deceit continues

Thank you, Americans. It appears you have slowed your hoarding of bath tissue, hand sanitizer and grocery staples.

A few more of you are wearing masks and acting somewhat more responsible in the local stores.

While many citizens have grasped the reality of the pandemic crisIs and are dealing with this horrible situation the best that they can, the fellow in the White House and his appointees are in a panic. They aren’t concerned about citizens’ health but the electoral college’s results after the November election.

Last week when the Oval Office occupant wanted to delay the presidential election and just remain in the present empowerment position of greed and corruption even the Republicans pointed out that only Congress can do that.

The deceitful conspiratorial fraud to undermine a fair election continues. A fellow named Louis DeJoy, who is a top fundraiser for his leader, is the newest Postmaster General. This guy is shutting down sorting machines and forcing mail carriers to leave mail at the Post Office and eliminating overtime so that timely delivery of absentee ballots and their return will result in 100’s of thousands of votes not counted in swing states.

In Ohio the county BOEs will count ballots for up to 10 days if post marked before the election. I suggest you mail your ballot by October 29.

Tom Anderson



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