Enough of the violence and lies

The Supreme Court has ruled that President Trump has the power to send in federal troops to areas that are rioting. Rep. Jerry Nadler is telling the people of this country that the riots are myth and mainstream media is parroting information about peaceful protesters. These are indeed troubling times.

If you were president, would you sit back and watch American cities burn? Would you have the courage to say enough is enough? President Trump is in a no-win situation that is extremely beneficial to the left. To think that those on the left would sit back and let this happen in an attempt to gain power and smear a president is beyond the pale.

A leftist media personality named Paul Gallant had said there was no violence. Then the Starbucks underneath his apartment complex was destroyed. He tweeted “I feel like I need to buy a firearm, because clearly this is going to keep happening.” The indicators are that this is real and happening. Today, 7/28, we saw video footage of the violence that has been occurring.

Change in policing needs to be addressed, but fueling violence and allowing it to go unchecked is not the answer.

Jay Owens


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