GOP leadership has caused the mess we’re in

I write in reference to the recent letters to the editor boasting about how good life is under Republican leadership, and how the “radical” Democrats will destroy everything if they get elected. Hmmmm…

If they think the catastrophe that we are living through today is good, what in the world do they think is bad? We wake up every day wondering what fresh hell Republicans have dumped on us this time. From the White House to Congress to the Supreme Court, down to the state and local governments, nothing but BAD NEWS. Guess who’s in charge? REPUBLICANS!!

We have an out-of-control pandemic, unemployment through the roof, infrastructure falling apart, weather gone nuts, air and water dangerously polluted, huge numbers of small businesses near bankruptcy. Etc, etc, etc. But hey, rich Republicans and corporations are doing great!

Every time I read one of these letters it makes me sick to my stomach, because I know the reality, the never ending nightmare that so many of us who are not rich are going through. And did I mention that REPUBLICANS are in charge?

They have no long-term vision, and no sense of a higher purpose; they serve only their own interests. They are not interested in what our world should be like, and could be like, if the right people were in charge. And let me tell you folks, that definitely ain’t Republicans.

Regina Carpenter

Little Hocking


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