It’s not a hoax folks!

If you still think the coronavirus is a hoax, you are getting your information from Facebook or from President Trump. Not only are you misinformed but it could cost you your life and the lives of those around you. And because some of our governors and President Trump have not listened to science and have not mandated wearing masks, thousands have died and continue to die.

It amazes/scares me that some otherwise intelligent Republicans support our president when he continues to undermine our values and our democracy. He makes big promises to you and I but only delivers for the top 1%. He has the best health care in the world but is working on taking yours (The Affordable Care Act) away. He wants you back to work and your children in school but he doesn’t provide the means to keep everyone safe and he won’t mandate face masks that would save thousands of lives. Sad to say, most Republicans are afraid to disagree with him.

But now President Trump is threatening to disrupt the smooth transition of power to the next president. He has installed Louis DeJoy as Postmaster General who knows nothing about running the United States Postal Service. Mr. DeJoy has fired a lot of knowledgeable people, has destroyed mail sorting machines and is doing all he can to slow down the mail with the full agreement of Mr. Trump. Mr. DeJoy has also warned most of the states that mail-in ballots might not get counted in a timely manner. President Trump continues to criticize the fairness of our elections and predict that we won’t know the results of the up-coming presidential election for weeks or perhaps months.

Republicans and Democrats need to come back to Washington and pass legislation for the benefit of the unemployed, for our state and city government essential workers and for the United States Postal Service so that we can receive our mail and prescriptions and so that our ballots will be counted in a timely manner. President and Melania Trump have already requested absentee ballots.

President Trump inherited a strong and prosperous nation from President Obama and Vice President Biden. Please vote for a return to decency and a strong democracy. Please vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to make us proud again to be citizens of the United States of America.

Carol Lazear Mitchell



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