Money in politics is a problem that needs fixed

In a recent editorial, political donations must be revealed, The Marietta Times asserts: “Americans’ right to donate money in support of political candidates and/or causes must never, ever be curbed.” But the source of that money must be revealed. Say what?

It currently is legal to launder unlimited money donated by individuals or groups through political action committees. But is it really okay that an energy company can spend 60 million dollars to elect an Ohio House Speaker and legislators, then stick us, the voters, with a billion dollar bailout, as long as they tell us they are doing it?

Action by Ohio state legislators will not stop big money but merely make the donations transparent. And even that legislation likely will be the target of litigation.

The only way to stop the flow of unlimited and hidden money in elections and policy decisions is a constitutional amendment. American Promise Ohio asks our state legislators to vote for a resolution to make Ohio the 21st state to compel Congress to act.

Any politician who seriously wants to fix the disaster of money in politics will get behind the American Promise constitutional amendment.

Ellen Greene Bush

Port Clinton, Ohio


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