Police deserve support

Streaming from many large American cities this summer we have seen images of concerted animosity directed at local, county, state, and federal law enforcement: rocks and bottles hurled, shouting in the face, bats swung, Molotov cocktails thrown, screaming, spitting. For days, the police were forced to stand and take it. How unfair to them, to their families, and to the many citizens who invested their lives in those communities thinking that the police would be allowed to protect them from such violent, destructive tantrums.

It’s natural to think, “Boy, I’m glad bullies aren’t attacking OUR local police like that!” But take it a little further; pause and think about the good done, hour after hour, by our local sheriff deputies, state patrolmen, and city police. Sometimes, they deliver concerted care: “Shop with a Cop” for disadvantaged children, growing beards to raise money for Strecker Cancer Center, securing safe passage for parades, and stopping to shoot hoops with the kids at the playground.

But mostly, our local men and women in blue work alone or in pairs to aid us in times of serious personal trouble: searching the woods for a lost senior, bringing safety to domestic disputes, investigating a break-in, etc. Notice their actions at the next vehicle accident scene you drive by: courageous, helpful, professional, skilled…welcomed by the victims.

These generous protectors are the ones running TO the danger. Yet the left-wingers and the media have recently conned many into believing these public servants are bad. Give us a break! When a teacher was found to have abused a student, were ALL teachers immediately accused, condemned, and defunded? A doctor commits fraud; all doctors guilty and expendable? One volunteer embezzles — all volunteers fired?

I challenge you to support your local police, sheriff, and state patrol by three actions. First, remember the good they do for all of us. Second, be grateful that YOU aren’t called on to do the difficult and dangerous things THEY are asked to do every day. And finally, join with others to pray that God keeps them safe in their work and secure in the love of their families.

Charlie Schilling



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