The quackeries of a cure for COVID-19

The suggestion from some of your readers that hydroxychloroquine can cure COVID-19 is interesting, however there is no proof that it works. Many people swear that hydroxychloroquine is effective and it cured them.

I have done some research and have discovered some remedies that, in the past, have proven their worth. By that I mean that the remedy was so effective that the disease is no longer a major threat.These tried and true treatments/remedies have almost completely eliminated: The Black Death, leprosy, scabies, tularemia and dancing mania.

There are many people who swear they were cured by these remedies/treatments: burning a witch at the stake, driving a stake through a child’s heart, throwing a virgin into a volcano, poking needles into a doll, examining the entrails of a dead chicken, and smearing bull manure on the affected area.

Now, these treatments are controversial, but as some of your readers and Donald Trump say about hydroxychloroquine, they all deserve to be investigated.

Howard Varner



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