Turning the corner

After over three years of hating the man in the oval office and the division that he has come to symbolize, it’s time to move on. Americans who were watching carefully received a glimpse of the nation they could become in 2008 when the first black man was elected president. Barack Obama and more importantly, the coalition of blacks, whites, Latinos, gay, straight, male and female demonstrated that unity is possible.

True to form history failed to move in a straight line; however, and 2016 found America again questioning itself and whether it was ready to take the heady place on the world stage that a truly diverse nation state would hold. The forces of doubt and suspicion found a ready target in Hillary Clinton and a forceful avatar in Donald Trump. The electorate had more lessons to learn.

Fast forward to 2020 where after almost four years of rule by an administration that values only wealth, power and privilege, America is again ready for change. The message of hope is no longer audacious, it is possible. By working hard, for this will be the most difficult undertaking this country has ever faced; true diversity and true unity of purpose are possible.

Joe Biden is the man for the hour. Experienced by years of service while humbled by the greatest tragedies a man can endure, Joe Biden stands ready to lead America to a new age of tolerance and growth. Biden’s economic plan is a nice beginning and certainly important as voters consider the country’s collective future but growth comes in ways that can’t be measured by the stock market or the GDP.

America stands ready to take its rightful place as a leader of the free world, demonstrating that a people of diverse backgrounds can truly become one people. The hope that Barack Obama wrote about has never died. Hope is alive in the young and young at heart who have never given up on this country. Vote in person, vote by mail but vote this November. If you need information, please visit vote.org to make sure you are registered, request an absentee ballot and learn the election rules in your state. Together America can turn away from hatred and divisiveness to embrace a better tomorrow. God Bless America.

Teresa Porter



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