Was ok in March, not ok now

The new mantra from the left is that President Trump is going to defund Social Security and Medicare. This is simply a falsehood. First off, what Trump is doing is giving a tax break to the people that are employed: a deferral of their 6.2% FICA paycheck deduction. Working people will be bringing home more of their money from their check. This has nothing to do with benefits paid by Social Security and Medicare; that is in the hands of Congress.

On March 26th, Congress completed passage of the CARES act, which, among many other features, allowed the employers’ portion (6.2%) of the Social Security payroll tax to be delayed until Jan 1, 2021. Did we hear the left decrying the destruction of Social Security back then? No. But now, when President Trump offers the very same relief to all employees, the Democrats accuse him of wrecking Social Security.

The Democrats are being dishonest — trying to garner votes by scaring people with a lie. Imagine decrying a plus for workers and lying to the elderly in an effort to gain votes. This is beyond shameful.

Jamie Vuksic



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