Why we need to vote early

Ohio law is clear – all mail-in ballots must be counted if they are postmarked by the day before the election (Nov. 2) and received by the local Board of Elections within 10 days after the election (Nov. 13). This has been the law in Ohio for many years.

Due to the pandemic, Ohio expects to have a greatly increased number of voters choosing to vote by mail this year and Fox News predicts that the presidential election is going to be very close in our state. Given these facts, we need to be prepared for the real possibility that the candidate with the most votes on election night may not be the winner once all the late-arriving votes are legally counted. President Trump has made it clear that if this happens to him – he will declare the election “rigged,” “fraudulent,” and “fake” and he won’t accept the results.

But, what happens if Joe Biden has the most votes on election night and then a flood of late votes come in for Donald Trump? Is the election still “rigged,” “fraudulent,” and “fake?” I hope this question is answered in one of the debates.

Jim Rapp



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