All lawbreakers should be held accountable

I write in reference to the recent Letter to the Editor “Police deserve support.”, Aug. 27, 2020. The writer seems to be under the impression that if one policeman is accused of criminal behavior, all policemen are under attack. This attitude keeps rogue cops from accountability, and erodes public trust in law enforcement. We can support the police, and still root out those who refuse to go by the rules.

I am very thankful to be able to call the police when I need to. I’ve only had to do that a few times, but they were always courteous and professional, and they solved my problem quickly. I know how dangerous their job can be, especially in domestic situations, and they certainly deserve much better pay and benefits than most are getting.

I am also a supporter of Black Lives Matter, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t support law enforcement. One does not preclude the other; we can do both. All I ask for is that those who break the law while in uniform, be given the same treatment that the rest of us get.

In order to bring to an end these continuing tragedies, each applicant needs to be carefully screened, past behavior open to scrutiny, with good character being the top priority. We need a nationwide database of rogue cops that can be resourced by every police department in the country. Training should be uniform nationwide as well, with special attention being paid to the de-escalation of potentially violent situations.

We live in perilous times, and our police force is more important now than ever. We all want a safe, nurturing community where children can grow and thrive, and all can live together in peace. And so I pray that each one of you who reads this, will take a good, long look at every candidate in the coming election, and vote for those who are the best qualified to make this kind of community happen. God bless.

Regina Carpenter

Sammamish, Washington


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