Conservatives abandoned

Conservatives back limited executive branch power, fiscal restraint, free trade and a strong allied stance against our advisories like Russia.

The Republican party has abandoned conservatives. Their politicians have slithered away from what they once claimed were tenets of good government.

R party officials and office holders show only fear before their unfit, violence inciting, plague permitting, lying “leader”.

Their failure to even attempt to point to ideas and philosophies which they support shows they have no principles. They have no party platform which shows they’ve no reason to exist other than to hang on to power.

Folks like this district’s congress guy are supporters of immeasurable national debt, restricted trade and unrestricted power for their top dog. They support a government of cult veneration by their cult, for their cult.

A conservative may not vote for Joe Biden but can not vote for the crazy camp’s boss and the party which has abandoned any pretense of conservative principles.

If you vote for the Republican party’s congress guy and his manager stop with the hypocrisy of calling yourself a conservative.

Tom Anderson



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